Fitbit Alta Review

Fitness and fashion, two words that I’m sure you rarely think of together. With the growth in popularity of the fitness tracker, Fitbit’s newest tracker is attempting to mend the two, with the Fitbit Alta, released this year. The following is my review of the Alta after my first week with the device.


Meet the Fitbit Alta.

Upon first glance.

The Fitbit Alta features a slim, minimalistic design that feels light on the wrist and can easily be disguised as a bracelet. Unlike other Fitbits such as the Flex and Charge, which appear plastic, and retro; the Alta appears sleek and modern.

The Fitbit Alta and the Fitbit Charge.

Then there is what separates the Alta from other trackers, the replaceable bands. I don’t have any other bands apart from the original black one that came with the tracker, but from the images seen on Fitbit’s website, the ability to coordinate your tracker with your outfit really makes the Alta distinct.


Fitbit even has premium bands available as options for the Alta. The option for leather and metal bands really make the Alta look like a premium fashion accessory.


Coming from the Fitbit Charge, I am used to my tracker having a button to navigate through my steps, distance and being able to start and stop a timer. The Alta doesn’t feature a button to navigate, instead, the Alta’s design relies solely on tapping to get the information you need.

Tap twice to wake up the tracker, and display the time, then tap once to cycle through steps, distance, active minutes and the battery. The order is fully customizable.

When I first noticed that there wasn’t a button to help me navigate, I wasn’t sure if the Alta would be easy to use. After my first week with the tracker, I forgot that I even used to have a button on my tracker. The simple interface matches give me the information that I want to see in a simple easy to understand manner.

The only downside that I have noticed since my time using the Alta would come from putting the tracker on. It appears as though the holes for the clasp are not big enough, I have struggled for minutes at a time to get the Alta on, an issue that I never faced from the Charge.

The conclusion.

At first glance, the Fitbit Alta looks like a modern, minimalistic take on fitness. Easily mistaken for a plain bracelet, the Alta steers away from the plastic looking, toy-ish design owned by other Fitbits like the Flex and Charge.

Personally, I love the Alta’s ability to change bands, and change looks. I also love how easy it is to use, and how simple it looks and feels. I am very excited to get some new bands so that I can mix it up depending on the event, activity, and outfit that I am wearing. Even though there is an issue with putting the Alta on, I think the issue will fade away with time and use.



If you want a simple, easy to use fitness tracker that you can wear on a run, or at a social event, the Fitbit Alta is at the top of my list of recommendations.


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