The Pursuer – Why You Shouldn’t Complain


I know it’s hard. Graduating, job searching and trying to figure out if you’ve made the right decisions. This is a very frustrating time period almost all of us face. There is something to remember however, complaining will not get you anywhere.

It seems like a trivial topic, but when networking, complaining can be a make or break moment for a potential lead. Have you ever met somebody for the first time, and the very first thing they discussed with you was how bad their day was?

I can’t speak for everyone but when conversations begin like this, I become very disengaged with the discussion. The same can occur with networking.

If you go to a networking event and complain about the drive there the entire time, all that people are going to remember about you is what you discussed, not about you.

If you go into the same situation with a positive, outgoing, and optimistic attitude, then professionals will remember you for that and be much more open to helping you.

If you’re ever having a bad day and you’re not feeling to hot, take a mental note of all the good things you have.

Think about your relationships, your accomplishments, or your dreams. Remember that there are people all over the world who won’t have the same opportunity that you have right now.

There is always a time and a place to complain, remember that you’re always representing yourself. You could have the opportunity right in front of you to find a new path in life and you don’t even know it.


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