The Pursuer – Utilizing Your Time


Have you ever had a project or task that you started off with way more time than you needed? You don’t worry about it because you have all the time in the world. Then BAM it’s a week before it’s due and you’re looking at a blank screen with nothing done.

It is so important to use your time wisely whether it be a project, or being proactive in the job search. You must not waste time!

Here are a couple of things you should do if you are notorious for procrastination.

List out what you need to do.

Lists will be your best friend when you’re coming close to entering the adult world. You can have a list for the items you need to complete to be prepared for an interview. A list of companies you want to apply at. A list of your contacts to utilize. A list of what you need to do in your personal life. You can make a list for everything!

Organize your list based off of urgency and importance.

Now that you have all of these lists, or one massive list, this can seem overwhelming. Something you can do is organize your lists based off of urgency and importance. This way you can focus on the important items that need to be done sooner rather than the unimportant items that aren’t time sensitive just yet.

Keep your list with you at all times.

Keep this list with you at ALL TIMES. This way if you have another task to add you don’t have to worry about forgetting it later. If you can get it on paper it wont be in your head to distract you from being productive.

Work in short periods of time.

When you start working on the items on your list. Instead of working on big projects for long periods of time, every day work on it for a smaller amount of time. This way you don’t burn out and you’ll be able to work on multiple projects at one time.

There will be many times when you will be tasked with many projects and assignments. In order to stay ahead of the game its important to not procrastinate, write everything down, and work on your tasks a little bit over time.

With that being said, utilize the advice above and you’ll be more than ready for the job search, and the professional world too!


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