The Pursuer- How to Deal with the Stress of Graduation.

DESKWhen it comes to life, one thing is certain; stress is something we all deal with constantly. When it’s your last semester of college, however, take the normal stress and multiply it by 1,000.

As the time goes by, and you get closer and closer to your big day it becomes more evident that real, adult life is almost here. Instead of focusing all of your energy on worrying about what is going to happen (which is very, VERY hard to do), remember these tips on how to deal with stress before graduation.

Have multiple plans

It is so important to keep all of your options open. I know you may only want to do corporate PR, but you need to realize that there is a very big chance that you won’t go into corporate PR. Have multiple plans:

  • What if you don’t get a job before graduation?
  • What if you get an interview at a non-profit?
  • What if you have to move back home right after graduation?

It’s important to be realistic in addition to trying to achieve your dreams. While you should still try to get your job in corporate PR, remember that applying for that internship, that job in sales, or even that retail job can still get you where you want to go.

Think proactive not reactive

Instead of applying to jobs and expecting a phone call, be proactive in still trying to reach out to hiring managers after applying. I have heard from a lot of people that it is important to apply, then to call the companies HR, or the hiring manager for that position.

You’re much more likely to reach your goals if you’re actively pursuing them. Remember the name of this series? The Pursuer. Much more exciting, and more likely to get a job, than acting passively.

Remember that what is supposed to happen will happen

At the end of the day remember one thing, the world will take you where you need to go. If you don’t land that perfect job before you graduate, maybe you weren’t supposed to. Just remember, if they didn’t get back to your phone call, or application, would you really want to work for them anyway?

To conclude this post here are some quotes that will help keep you inspired on a tough day!

24 Quotes About Success That’ll Inspire You to Keep Pushing Forward 


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