The Pursuer- Resumes, what you’ll hear and key things to know.

DESKResumes are one of the most frustrating topics for me to discuss. Simply because when searching for advice, you’re going to hear conflicting opinions on every topic you cover. Here are a couple of important resume topics you need to consider.

Design vs simplicity

I have heard many different opinions when it comes to the design aspect of a resume.

I have heard that you should have color or something to help catch the attention of the individual who is looking at your resume. I have also heard that color is the last thing you should do, for two reasons.

  1. ATS Software (Discussed later) has a harder time reading the document.
  2. People used to a more traditional style resume will discount it.

Personally, I find color on a resume to be totally okay if you’re handing it to somebody in person. If you really want to add some personality to your resume, think about having two versions. A simple design for submitting an application online, and more designed oriented for when you get your interview.

7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Resume

12 Myths About Writing Your Resume

ATS software

Applicant Tracking Software is used by companies to process people who apply for their open positions. These systems make it easier for HR departments to process through the hundreds of applications they receive.

The downside is that if your resume isn’t formatted correctly, or doesn’t have the right key terms; these systems can cut you off because you don’t have the right percentage of a match to what employers are looking for.

Beat the Robots: How to Get Your Resume Past the System & Into Human Hands 



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