The Pursuer- When everyone else has good news.

DESKSo you and your best friends are all graduating, you’ve made it through your program together, survive most classes together, and ran the same organizations together.

Now that it’s time to apply for jobs, suddenly the tension in the air changes as you all realize you’re all each others competition now. So what?

The biggest thing to realize is that you are not everybody else. We live in a world where we compare what we have, our money, our clothes, our homes. We thrive on comparing what we have versus what others have or don’t have.

So that first time you hear that one of your competitors… I mean best friends says they got the job that you applied for just remember they deserve it as much as you do.

It’s so easy to react badly and not feel happy when a friend tells you they had success where you may have not. It’s important to think about it in the other person’s shoes.

How would you feel if you announced an awesome achievement and when you told somebody they had a negative reaction? Like I’ve said before its so important to remember what supposed to happen is going to happen.

The world will take you where you need to go! If a competitor got a job that you applied for, then maybe you weren’t meant for that job. Just remember to remain positive and be happy for others.


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