Dreams and Desires: Dreaming of Equality

This post was originally posted on Queerky.net, a blog I wrote for last year. You can find that post here.

Dreams and desires can be a difficult topic to talk about. There are just so many different kinds of dreams people can have, long term, short term, dreams about charity, family, or even dreams about greed. Everybody has their own unique dreams of things they either want to accomplish, gain, or have happen to them. I for one have lots of dreams!

I’ve had a vast amount of dreams throughout my lifetime. As a kid one of my biggest dreams was to become a professional wrestler. Now I know what you’re saying, of course a gay guy would want to be a wrestler; but no this dream does not have to do with a preconceived stereotype. Sitting at home watching WWE late at night was always fun for me as a kid. There was drama, action, and you got to watch beautiful people get dressed up and perform. It was everything entertainment and that was what I wanted to do! Just the thought of hearing the music hit and getting on a stage in front of thousands of fans or foes (Depending on if you were a good guy or a bad guy) was music to my ears. Now after a couple of years of growing up and changing interest I am no longer interested in getting in the ring. Realizing all the work one has to go through to get the body needed to stand in the middle of an arena in their brief; I am much more reluctant to go for it. But nevertheless I do still dream.

I am currently enrolled at EKU in hopes to graduate with my degree in public relations; my goal is to graduate by 2016. This dream is a very scary dream of mine because I do not have a set goal for where I would like to end up. I would love to handle the PR or a clothing company, or maybe even handle the social media of a particular music artist! I am very interested to see where I end up in my life, and am very nervous to say the least. Now that the New Year is upon us there’s the recurring tragic tale of failed resolutions. My resolution this year is to get more fit overall by the end of the year. For the past two years I haven’t been at my A game, I have lost my touch when it comes to something I love, being active. But that’s why we have resolutions right? Clean slates, and new beginnings, but that’s enough of my personal dreams.

Now you may ask how this is related to this blog. Well this leads me to the topic I’d like to close off on. As a community the LGBT people need to remember our own goals in going into 2014. 2013 was a fantastic year to the LGBT community! We had a total of 8 states vote yes for marriage equality; this brings us to a total of 16 states all together. Going into 2014 we as a community should have one main goal, to continue this trend. We need to make sure the activists in all of us are trying out hardest to make changes in our college, local, state, and federal governments. We can’t get caught up in out online dating sites, partying, drama, or personal issues. Sure those are fine but at the end of the day don’t we all just want one thing? To be treated equal?


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